About us

We, Ellen & Philip, are a small-scale company with a great love for border collies. As you can see from the pictures on the facebo page:


Our small business has also found its origin there because of our animal hobby. We are proud to distribute Lobo Nature Petfood after having tested it extensively on our own dogs. All types are quality feed that we fully support. There are of course many types of food on the market, why Lobo? Lobo is, as the name implies, Nature Petfood. So made as natural as possible, something for everyone. Difficult eaters, picky eaters, too fat, too thin, very sporty, aging, puppies, ……

LOBO West is a dog and cat food retailer specializing in anti-allergic foods for both dogs and cats. We are distributors of the brand LOBO “nature” Petfood and GATO “nature” Catfood. Which are high-quality foods for dogs and cats. Almost all foods, for both dogs and cats, are wheat and gluten free. Which ensures that allergic reactions are already largely reduced. Grain-free foods for both dogs and cats are also in our range.

We are also always available for personal advice by telephone. If you have any questions or do not know what to choose, you can always call us on 0479/77 85 82. There are also all kinds of snacks for dogs available. We are also a distributor of the Natural Greatness brand. In the past, this food was only sold by veterinarians and can now be offered to private individuals. With this brand you also have food for extremely allergic dogs. Here we can offer mono-protein food completely grain free!

For all questions in the field of feed you can contact us!

Ellen & amp; Philip