Start on time for a relaxing turn of the year
New Year’s Eve is a stressful time for many animals due to loud bangs and strange smells. Fortunately, there are a lot of products that can help your pet find peace of mind. With most products, it takes a while before the effect is optimal. So read the instructions on the package carefully and start offering them on time.
Calming products
Not every animal has the same preferences and needs. To match properly, there are different types of calming products. For example, evaporators, tablets, drops, powders, collars, sprays and snacks. So there is a suitable solution for your buddy.

Vaporizers spread soothing substances through the room from the socket. These vaporizers can be distinguished into products with two different active substances: pheromones or herbs. Pheromones are molecules that transmit messages between animals of the same species. Pheromone-based vaporizers reassure the animal in its own language.
Herbal extract-based vaporizers contain a blend of soothing herbs such as valerian or lavender.
An advantage of the vaporizers is that they work for several animals of the same species at the same time, as they spread the active substances throughout the room. Plug in the vaporizers a few days in advance for optimal effect.

There are several tablets on the market that have a calming effect, mainly for temporary periods of stress. The tablet types contain different ingredients and work in the short or long term. Read carefully the packaging when it is best to begin administering your chosen tablets and how long they work.

Does your pet not swallow tablets easily? Then there are drops available for more peace of mind. Drops work best when administered directly into the mouth with a plastic syringe. Clean oral mucosa absorbs the product best. Some drops may also be offered in the water bowl, which is helpful if your pet does not like a syringe in the mouth.

Powder with a calming effect can be mixed with food. This powder contains herbs with a taste unknown to animals. Start by mixing a small amount through the food to get the animal used to the taste.

Does your dog or cat really not accept tablets or drops? Then try a soothing collar. These provide a calm and safe feeling wherever your buddy goes.

The handy sprays are ideal for travel and visits and are easy to spray in a carrier or on a pillow for more peace and quiet during the car ride or at the visit, working through pheromones or herbal extracts.

Toys and snacks
There are also some toys and snacks with a calming effect. For example, matatabi has a calming effect on the cat. For the dog, make New Year’s Eve a party with delicious yeast candies with an herbal blend that positively affects serotonin metabolism.

What else can I do?
A safe haven is perhaps the most important thing to offer at New Year’s Eve. Cats often enjoy lying up high. See if you can make a nice cozy spot for them on a closet. Close the curtains and cover the dog crate with a blanket.

Playing music will muffle the sound of the fireworks bangs. Turn on the radio, television or a nice playlist even when you are not home.

Whether you stay home or go out, this will make New Year’s Eve a celebration for both owner and pet where everyone can look forward to the New Year carefree!

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